Privacy policy

By using the Quoroom application you agree to the methods of collecting and using data described in this privacy policy.

Protection of personal data

In Multimedia Vision d.o.o. (below as MMV) we are aware of the importance of personal data protection.

We will carefully protect and treat your personal data in accordance with the personal data protection act (ZVOP-1) and the general regulation on personal data protection (GDPR).

Collection of personal data

MMV may collect and store all data obtained with your permission through the Quoroom application. Such information may include your username and password, as well as other information required to log in and operate the Quoroom application.

YouTube API usage and privacy

For the purpose of creating live events on YouTube the Quoroom application uses the YouTube API services provided by Google.

To access the YouTube API services we explicitly solicit consent via Oauth authorization to allow Quoroom to manage your YouTube account.

By using these services you agree to the Google Privacy policy and YouTube Terms of Service.